A super chill cafe, closed-off from the hustle of Shoreditch – we’re hidden right in the middle of London’s creative capital. Make your way down a warren of back streets cutting through the Shoreditch triangle and you’ll find us serving proper coffee with a selection of world food inspired dishes for breakfast and lunch – seasonal menus and plenty of options catering for vegan/gluten free diets, all made in our kitchen on-site.

Cross the road from Ace Hotel, head straight down the alley opposite and you’ll see us. Look for the graffiti by Jim Vision and DALeast under the arches, we're opposite them with a Thierry Noir plaque on our wall. Head off of Curtain Road, Great Eastern Street or Old Street, toward the railway, and you’ll find us, eventually – we’re under the railway arches. Come hang out for as long as you like.


Monday — Friday
8am — 5pm
Saturday — Sunday
10am — 4pm

Breakfast & Brunch

Shakshuka £9.00
Home made spiced tomato, pepper onion sauce, baked eggs and feta

Homemade Granola £5.00
w/ Milk or Yoghurt and Mix Berry Compote

Scrambled/Fried Eggs on Toast £4.50
add Smoked Salmon £3, Maple Roasted Bacon £2, Feta Cheese £2, Avocado £2, Slow Roasted Herb Tomatoes £2, Feta Cheese £2, Balsamic Mushrooms £3

Big Boy Breaky £10.00
Two slices of toast, bacon or salmon & everything else

French Toast £6.00
You know, in France, they just call it "toast" – true story

Bacon Sandwich £5.00

Toast & Condiments £2.50

Breakfast & Brunch

Chicken Sandwich £7.50
w/ Avocado & Sumac Mayo

Grilled Chorizo Sandwich £8.50
w/ Home Made Rocket Pesto, Truffle Mayo, Maple Caramelized Onion & Truffle Mayo

Smoked Salmon Sandwich £7.50
w/ Cream Cheese & Avocado

Sandwich (v) £5.50
Avocado Smash, Slow Roasted Tomato

Chicken Salad £9
w/ Kale, Quinoa & Avocado

Smoked Salmon Salad £9
Asian Style Smoked Salmon, Green Beans and Avocado

Salad £7.50
Feta, Pomegranate & Walnut

Coffee & Teas

Espresso £1.80

Macchiato £2

Americano £2

Capp/Latte £2.80

Flat White £2.50

Mocha £2.80

Tea £1.80

Herbal £2

Juices & Smoothies

Morning Brekkie £5.00
Banana, Strawberry & Apple

Giddy Bunny £4.50
Pear, Orange, Banana & Grape

Tickled Pink £4.50
Banana, Strawberry, Avocado & Apple